I-5: Ramble On

These lines gush rapidly and unpredictable, so try to grasp it fast before the meaning leaves till tomorrow. I set the table to make some sense of the things that were given to me, but I didn’t intend to set myself to be a charity case. This preference wasn’t an experiment aiming to be failed, however past words you provided assured that this give and take world would be fair, smart, and far from the past we were given. Maybe the choice was right, yet why am I avoided what it is doing to me? All the ways I’ve had being questioned and are starting to trickle down my body leaving me with this overbearing thought, I’m not enough. Paranoid feelings lead to neurotic pulses going through my body faster than the blood flowing to my fingertips giving me this numb sentiment I’ve had before. It’s the inevitable again striking, but now it has me troubled. I take these cold hands and clasp them together and when I’m there, these entire thoughts, worries, or doubts race out of my mind and lead to some peace for the moment. So why let this blood rush back away when this mood seems ready for so much more?

“Hold on a little longer, make sense with me, and let me ramble along until the until gets told.” 


About inkforthought

i just like to create, share, love, and laugh.
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