I-6: Refined Read

I watch her with flutters in my eyes fighting the heavy lids and even in drained moments she moves with grace. My coming is felt more in me than for my counterpart, but that instant defines the last eight years of my life and who I’ve been – the element of surprise. I know this life isn’t reciprocal so I learn to take in a non- greedy, unselfish way. If there was any time to press, right now is it – tomorrow might be a figment, a matrix in time. I’m the victim to my heads’ ambles trying to plead my case. Simply labeled improved and secure, but there’s nothing appealing about that. Her gut wants rare, yet doesn’t know this affection is raw, unique, and felt passed the time you’ll spend or see with me. Now, wide-awake, accepted, and always me – this journey is appreciated by the ticking inside of me. Her refined, graceful ways seem flawless to my tainted eyes that seen this world inside out. I tell her to leave all the relevance right here and watch it flee quickly into this thin air. Time will pass watching the significance leave and she’ll wonder where my wit left too. Me, I’ll try to assure her that this wittiness was passed along to restore some stability and spark some change. The basic essence to change is yours to mold.


About inkforthought

i just like to create, share, love, and laugh.
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