I-9: One Liners

There’s this overused expression that there’s a calm before the storm. After, there might be a state of panic, anxiety, and a remorse that certain things went unsaid. Always, I’ve considered my mind to be an open round-table that you were invited to which you can pick, examine, read, and understand the stories that flow through me. The amusement is gone, but all the entertainment I need is found in the palms of others. The attention given isn’t cared for, doesn’t change things, and doesn’t full your needs. The game is waiting to be over, the politics are corrupt as always, and also this admiration is waiting to be received. No more beliefs of being noble if this generosity is not mine; No more cold world where the headaches measure up to other egos; No more wondering about the love you couldn’t grasp because it wouldn’t grab you back now; No more walking down the same patterns you understand because it seems to put you at ease when really your biting on bad habits; No more pretending that the mask you hold onto is permanent when time dictates otherwise. Dear I, I promise this isn’t a way to leave. See it as a break from the letters and words that didn’t accept you for who you are. Dear I, I’ll come back with something whole, real, engaging, and straight from the core. Follow me into the hiatus life we should live and trust that I’ll come back with my silhouette in tack – a carbon copy of who I knew.


About inkforthought

i just like to create, share, love, and laugh.
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