J-8: Pretending to Know

If only you allow me to live in your head like an idea trying to grow into a blown up thought, you would see my soul and the way it glows for you. My head would be transparent and reciting what I’m thinking to ease your nerves. My hands would hold you until your skin embraces it back. My eyes would lock into your mouth and observe the way it moves to the point that the sound that comes out wouldn’t matter for me to understand you. If only you allow me to take you away from what went before this and show you that what’s in front of us is an open road leading to whatever good you might need, things you actually deserve. A life of self-control, self-pleasure, a life that doesn’t require layers of disguise that peels off slowly, but grows twice as fast. A life that shows you how stand straight and ways to tear off the coats and leave them for others who wish to stay stagnant, dormant in a fast paced life. If only you allow me to let these words to become a reality, allow these pages to be lived the way they should, allow this ink dry and become permanent – all the faux would fade into a night sky and hide behind the daylight to become yesterday’s pastime. If only you allow me to love you the way I know I can, the way that love actually looks when true skin exposes itself to thin air, you might understand me.

But, only if you allow me…


About inkforthought

i just like to create, share, love, and laugh.
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