finding peace

Here’s the thing…I see a lot of people upset with what is going in Ferguson and everyone is entitled to their opinions and feelings but let’s not act on ignorance… we are forgetting that a family lost a son, and they will forever lose that part of their life… I can’t begin to think or feel what they are, but I know they were looking for a little peace of mind in a form of justice and they didn’t even get that… they have every right to feel whatever they feel over this… yes, there are riots going on, but let’s also acknowledge all the other people who are demonstrating peacefully, which is the majority around this country right now… as a Hispanic and American, I will never understand the discrimination that exist towards the black and African American communities and I’ve see too many of peers be completely insensitive towards this topic… we (people who aren’t part of black or African American community) will never understand the oppression that was built for 100 of years towards them and their rights say they have something called “freedom of speech” like you and I… if you are sick of hearing about their complaints, think about how sick they are about the same things happening over and over… privileges are blind in this country because we made them blind and the people who exhaust these privileges are lucky –not realizing how fortunate they are…this is an example of conditioning to it’s best… too many people have been conditioned for too long and this demonstration is an example of more people trying to chip at the molding of an over-aged foundation….an example that we shouldn’t be conditioned like robots, but like human beings who actually feel the weight of the world…


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