my father birthed me within his fire, taught me the love was temporary like the days left in my childhood and that one day I would feel content with the rage he would eventually pass down to me…my mother birthed me with her passion, instructed me that the more I spoke, the more I would believe in lies that hide behind every grain of sand would be the one day that water would drown me too…my parents, they would be a statistic to the majority leaving me with an impression that if I begin anything, I should understand the ending too…I was barely a teenage when they gave up on the idea of love but I knew way before I formed words that they were at odds with the fairy tales that were fed to boys and girls my age…my parents birthed me to infidelity before the women I fell for would scar my mind like stars who light up a whole night and manipulate a dark sky the same way my parents led on another into an abyss…I was meant to be born with an idea that hours were counting backwards, not forward, because humanity seemed to be always reverting to a time where we were meant to stay naive…but I was birthed with a sun in my chest, giving rays to a beat that thumps to my hands and feet telling my inner voice that I was born with love, I was born with love – the type that didn’t want to falter in the eyes this earth has…I was born with love that was uniquely designed to fit you and I and when my parents gave birth to me, they gave me fire and passion so no one else could hurt me like I can hurt myself…


About inkforthought

i just like to create, share, love, and laugh.
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