there’s no reason to be great, AGAIN when we are already great… we should always strive to be greater, but saying great AGAIN implies that some time along the time we weren’t great anymore… 1863 slavery ends, we got a little better… 1920 women gain the right to vote and we get better… in the 60’s civil right movements made our country immensely better…just recently, same sex marriage becomes legal and again, we get better… waves of immigration are at a high from 1880s through 1920s, and since more families, including my own in the 70s, have come to the United States seeking the opportunities for a better life because here – it’s already great… that means we were able to evolve as a country, accepting and including all races, gender, religions, personal preference, and making our land a beautiful diverse home…have we had setbacks while fighting for these justices? of course, but we always prevailed as a country for the better… so when you say want to be great, AGAIN, my only question is to what time, what period, what greatness should we regress to? i just ask that we try to stay level headed in these times…that we continue to use love as a platform and an agenda…and that we hopefully to progress as individuals and as a whole… let’s remain great and get greater… 


About inkforthought

i just like to create, share, love, and laugh.
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